Our History

Aviation has soared in Alabama for nearly a century. Much of the early history of Alabama aviation began at the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley, where experimental flying machine designs were displayed, Mobile’s first municipal airport was located, and in 1939 this property supported military aviation operations. Today this footprint of land is home to Airbus and many additional aviation companies.

Our Vision
Flight Works Alabama is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We recognize that a community’s economic growth, future, and resiliency correlates directly with education. Our truly innovative education center strives to not only inspire visitors, but to provide opportunities for learners of all ages to master the 21st century work skills and soft skills, impacting the future of the Gulf Coast and beyond.
The Flight Works Difference

Our goal is for all visitors to exit reflecting on what they learned during their experience and contemplating what they would like to learn on their next visit. At Flight Works Alabama, we provide continuous learning opportunities that encourage everyone to soar to new heights.

To ensure Flight Works Alabama is making a difference, we have created a data/measurement system through a collaborative effort with our higher education partners. This system provides feedback to confirm we are reaching our education and workforce development goals.

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Flight Works Alabama - where learning is different!
Workforce Skills

Learning is why Flight Works Alabama exists, and 21st century work skills are our target. Each activity within the walls of Flight Works Alabama connects with one or more of the work skills needed for not only Alabama's current and future workforce, but for our nation and beyond.

At Flight Works Alabama, learners of all ages have opportunities to master soft skills and advanced manufacturing skills, and even earn certifications to showcase their proficiency.