Welcome to Flight Works Alabama

Spearheaded by the State of Alabama and Airbus, a comprehensive aerospace exhibition and education center celebrating the past, present and future of aviation will be built at the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley in Mobile, Alabama.

Flight Works Alabama, a 20,000 square foot experience center, will include an interactive exhibit area, classroom, manufacturing workshops, collaboration room, gift shop, and a multi-purpose activity area.

Though Flight Works Alabama will be the starting point for tours of the Airbus U.S. manufacturing facility, Flight Works will also provide the opportunity to tell an aviation story beyond Airbus. The education center will tell the story of the entire aviation ecosystem and aerospace industry.

The ultimate goal of Flight Works Alabama is to inspire and equip our region's future workforce. From field trips to certifications, Flight Works Alabama will be an exclusive state-of-the-art education center.

The Big Picture

According to Merriam-Webster, INNOVATION is the introduction to something new or a novel idea or method.
Flight Works Alabama = INNOVATION
Flight Works Alabama, an education center, was not designed around a stereotypical model. The center was designed by a team with a vision of inspiration, collaboration, and certification under one roof and delivered by an array of partnerships.

Flight Works Alabama Partners