Science of Flight
Science of Flight
Have you ever made an elephant fly?
In Science of Flight, a series of exhibits, videos, and infographics impart the fundamentals of flight.
Experience the balancing act between two pairs of opposing forces (thrust vs. drag, lift vs. weight). Perform the basic maneuvers of pitch, roll, and yaw as you control a six-foot model aircraft.
Use fly-by-wire technology to digitally control an aircraft on screen and learn about biomimicry, the adaptation of proven design principles from nature.
Learn about airfoils and how their design influences performance. "Fly” different objects from an elephant to an A320neo.
Flight Works Alabama opened August 4, 2020. Visitors are encouraged to purchase tickets prior to the visit due to COVID capacity limitations.

  • Ages 10 & up: $13.50
  • Ages 4-9: $9.00
  • Children ages 3 and under receive free admission.

Eurofighter Experience
$3.00 No pre-purchase. Tickets sold at the door and pending availability.
Must be 48" or greater to ride. Weight limit: 300 lbs.

Drone Aviary
$10.00 for 30 minutes of flight. Visitors must bring their own drone.
Flight Works Alabama drones are used exclusively for camps, workshops and special events.

Airbus Final Assembly Line Tours
Due to COVID-19, tours are delayed until further notice. All updates will be announced via social media and our website.
Flight Works Alabama will be operating in accordance with the City of Mobile and the State of Alabama's health regulations and restrictions for COVID-19.

Refunds are available for an administration fee of $2.50 per ticket. Tickets may also be rescheduled for another time.